My 1st Truckin' Experience & What You Should Know About Our Beef!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My fiance` Mark is a truck driver and last week I went with him on his haul. We went to UT and loaded the sodium mixture that is used on the roads and took it to Oregon. We then came back here to Wells, ID; and loaded whey products to take to Calva in Stockton, CA for feeding baby CALVES!!!!! -- that's right baby cattle!!!!!! We then loaded outside Stockton, CA this gross looking Molasses - not sweet molasses - but molasses for feeding baby CALVES!!!!! The last time I checked God intended the cows He created to eat GRASS!!!!!! Not all this junk that my fiance` Mark was hauling last week. It was super gross and it stunk! I will not buy anything but Organic meat from now on!!!!! I was totally sickened by what I saw and can't even imagine what that junk that is being fed to those baby cows could do to my own system.

It was fun going out on the road with him. I had never been in a semi truck. What an eye opening experience. : )

I was able to see my 21 yr old daughter Kassi while we were in Cali last weekend and that was super fun since I hadn't seen her in over a yr and a half. Here is a picture of us together


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