Things that really BUGG ME!

Friday, August 27, 2010

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I have very little tolerance for people who say one thing and do another. I really don't care what someone does, however if someone says that they are still in love with their ex and if said ex would get right with God they just know they'd be able to reconcile and be a family again. Then they turn around and start dating, that to me is just so wrong. Especially when they claim to be a Christian. If you are truly in love with your EX then HEAL before you even think about getting involved with someone else. Don't cheat yourself or the other person. The other thing is what do you think this says to the EX who has heard if you will come back to God we'll have a chance, and then sees that their ex-spouse is dating. Do you think it would have some impact on them coming back to God? Of course it will. We are to be lights, and more than what we say is what we do, so when an ex-spouse who preaches that there would be hope for a reconciliation if the other returned to God, and then they go and begin dating, changing the game plan it can really speak volumes to the one that is away from God. Am I saying that as the ex we are to put our lives on hold, NO, however; if we have said to our former spouse that we are still IN love with them and that we would reconcile if they got back with God, then we need to be patient and work to that end, giving them a time period before moving on, or we can ruin the work that God is doing in their life.

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