Ali's Turn Week 2

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well we're on week two of Ali's quest to find true love. She had a one on one date with Frank, the guy who did a flip off of the limo last week. I thought he was a geek last week. However, this week he more than made up for it.

He quit his job to go to Paris to write screen plays which is his passion. He is now a manager of a clothing store, so he can continue to write. He told her that a career will always be there but doing your passion wouldn't be. They were driving an old classic car on the 101 that broke down and instead of waiting they walked to the next exit and hailed a cab to their date destination. They hiked up to the HOLLYWOOD sign and they had their first kiss. Their evening up there was amazing also.

Johnathon our weatherman seems to have nothing but trouble with Craig M. All he wants to do is terrorize the little weatherman every chance he gets. Yet Johnathon is not taking it, he stands up to him, and has Ali's back. He tells Ali that Craig is dangerous and that she needs to be careful. It pays off for him.

Sexy Jesse gets whisked away to Vegas with Ali for some fun. He's cute, and definitely interests her, but does he have what it takes to go the distance?
I'm not sure.

Roberto seems to have all the elements and he may just go the distance. Tonight they ended up in the spot where he taught her to Salsa just talking. He brought up that he likes to play baseball and that he brought his mitt with him and in just a few seconds they were playing catch and he was showing her how to throw a knuckle ball. What is awesome about Roberto is that he gets what a lot of guys don't! We want to learn how to do new things without being treated like we're stupid and he does it perfectly; and Ali adores it!

Ali got rid of Craig M - troublemaker #1 I foreseee that Craig R

is the next one to watch. He seems to think he knows all about all and instead of focusing on his relationship with Ali he continues to point out all the other guys' flaws. That's not going to win him points with Ali. Instead it's going make him the next target.

This season looks to be full of high energy and drama. Who would've thought that guys could have just as much drama as women?


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Just read your Blog.. in my opinion ,so far, I'm rooting for Frank..

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