Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book Description: Gooding, Texas, is about to gain a double blessing--a veterinarian and a doctor. But when siblings Enoch and Taylor Bestman arrive, the discovery that the long-awaited doctor is in fact a woman has the town up in arms. Karl Van der Vort is no exception, though he becomes Taylor's first patient...against his will. Karl finds he can't deny Taylor's doctoring skills, but he also can't come to terms with her unladylike occupation. Taylor, on the other hand, wants only to prove that doctoring is her life's calling, despite the town's opposition. But when her practice--and Taylor herself--are threatened, Karl's protectiveness flares into a different emotion altogether. As Pride Meets Attraction Head-On, Sparks Begin to Fly!

My Thoughts: Fraternal twins, Enoch and Taylor come to Gooding, TX to open their medical practices. Enoch a veterinary practice, and Taylor a medical practice. There is quite a stir in the town because Taylor is a FEMALE, and not everyone is thrilled with having a woman caring for them. Especially the MEN. The idea for the story was a good one, and it started out great. However, the story just didn't flow and it seemed to me that Hake got confused as to what part of the country she was writing in. Throughout the book there were lots of Amish words used and that seemed strange language to me in Gooding, TX. This wasn't a home run for me. If you like historical fiction with strong female heroines I say give this one a shot.


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