Friday, April 3, 2009

The Ending of ER - My Tribute.

For 15 years this show has been a like a family. Each week we watch lives of not only the patients fight to live but those of the Dr.'s and Nurses as well. I was crying, cheering, and crying some more last night as this show came to an end. Dr. Doug Ross - the bad boy you love to hate. Dr. Mark Greene - the gentle teacher Dr. John Carter - always the learner, and he became the teacher. Nurse Carol Hathaway - fell in love with Doug and it was history after that. Dr. Peter Burton - Had enough confidence for everyone, yet we found he had a tender side too. Dr. Kerry Weaver - She started out really brash, and slowly the chip on her shoulder began to get knocked off, and she was not too bad! Dr. Elizabeth Corday - the kind patient surgeon who married Dr. Greene. Dr. Lucy Knight - The wonderful medical student who was killed by the psycho. Dr. Robert Romano - The male cheavanist pig that got away with saying some of the craziest things. Dr. Greg Pratt - He broke rules yet it was for the right reason. Dr. Susan Lewis - She had many loves on the show, had a crazy sister that she had to deal with. Dr. Weaver didn't like her at all. She always held her own with the male Dr.s. Dr. Luka Kovac - Always seemed to be fighting inner demons. Was a good doctor. Hated having to mess with the bureaucracy of managing the ER. Dr. Abbey Lockhart - We watched Abbey go from a nurse to a doctor. We also got to see what made Abbey so nuts; her Mom was bipolar and that answered a lot of questions. She also had two loves on the show . . . Dr. Carter, and Dr. Kovac - she married Dr. Kovac. Dr. Neela Rasgotra - the young medical student who turned into a brilliant surgeon. Sam Taggart - She's been through it all! From a psycho, ex-con -ex-husband trying to kill her, to a rich benefactor boyfriend, to falling in love with Dr. Gates. Dr. Archie Morris - always the kidder, yet serious and caring. Someone you would want to be your doctor. Dr. Ray Barnett - Another bad boy to add to the mix. He didn't like to follow the rules. Did his own thing. Fell in love with Neela. How could you not love his bad boy attitude, and good looks! Dr. Tony Gates - Let see how many bad boys can we add to this show! Tony starts out as an EMS and works his way to a doctor and boy does he have a lot of bumps in the road. It seemed like none of the managirial staff wanted him to be a doctor, yet he kept bucking and did it, and he's a darn good one! His love life was a roller coaster too! In the end looks like he's with Sam. Rachel Greene - Did you catch this beauty on the finale? I realized who she was right away! Can you believe how much she's grown up?
Seeing her made me want the show to continue with her at the helm! Wouldn't that be fitting!

I am so sad that this show has ended. It doesn't seem possible that it's been on for 15 years. Yet it has, with all of the actors we've seen come and go. Did you notice the cameo's last night.

Mariska Hargitay, and Jorja Fox. I knew Mariska had been on ER for awhile I didn't remember Jorja being on it.

If you missed it, there is going to be an encore airing on Saturday night at 8 pm.

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Carole said...

A great tribute to a great show, Andi! I've recorded several episodes, but haven't watched them yet. Now I can watch them all at once!

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