Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I so challenge all of my readers if you didn't watch last night's airing of Prime-time's news report's show What Would You Do by John Quinones that you go to and watch it. It was so incredibly sad! They showed two experiments that just blew me away! One they just happened upon a black woman shopping in a store and the sale's clerk was treating her horribly! Saying that she couldn't afford anything in the store, following her around, saying that it wouldn't fit. It was as John Quinones said "shopping black". After seeing that Primetime decided to do an experiment and they had actors portray shoppers, a security guard, and a clerk, and still not very many people came to the aide of the black woman shopping! I was thoroughly disgusted!

The other one that angered me was a gay couple in a sports bar and a heckler just making a big deal out of the affection the two were showing each other. It first started at lunch time and then progressed into the dinner time. A young woman who like me, have friends who deal with this on a daily basis stood up and said something. It was just ridiculous! It was like if you don't like it, don't look, you don't need to say anything about it!

When will we finally just love like Jesus said we're suppose to? I get so tired of this hatred!

Here is the link to watch the show from last night What Would You Do

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Delia said...

This sounds like a very interesting program. I don't know if I'll click over and watch though, it'll probably make me angry because like you said, we need to start loving others the way Jesus told us to and it's horrible to see people using hatred instead.

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