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SOON TO BE RELEASED . . . It's Not About Him by Michelle Sutton

About the book:

Susie wakes up after a party knowing something isn't right. When she discovers she is pregnant but has no idea who the father is, she decides to place her baby for adoption with an infertile couple from church. Following through ends up being more challenging than she'd imagined. But she wants to do the right thing. If only Jeff would quit trying to marry her so she'll keep her baby! Why doesn't he understand? It's not about him; it's about what's best for her child. Meanwhile, a man shows up in her life that looks irritatingly familiar. Could he be the father?

Jeff feels guilty. Someone took advantage of Susie and impregnated her when she passed out at his house--at his party. He offers to marry her so she won't have to give up her baby. She refuses, saying he should he marry someone he loves. Susie refuses to believe Jeff loves her. Because as an adopted child, she believes he has unresolved issues that are influencing his decisions. His constant pursuit leads to rejection, which leads to further pursuit. Somehow he has to convince her that his love is genuine before it's too late, but she's not listening.

Can these friends find true love despite the horrible circumstances surrounding the unplanned pregnancy, or are they destined to remain "just friends"?


Endorsements - It's Not About Him


"Sutton has hit her stride with book two in the Second Glances series! Written in the same gritty, authentic style as her debut novel, fans will delight in the continuation of Susie's story. There's no sophomore slump here! Filled with finely drawn characters colliding with timeless truths, the prose is taut and rife with tension. Sutton proposes her signature honest answers to heart-wrenching questions. Not to be attempted without a box of tissues. Well worth the read! You won’t put this one down until you finish the last page."

Siri Mitchell, author of A Constant Heart (Bethany House 2008) Moon Over Tokyo, The Cubicle Next Door, Something Beyond the Sky, Chateau of Echoes, and Kissing Adrien (Harvest House and NavPress)


"It's Not about Him is edgy Christian fiction at its best! Michelle Sutton is not afraid to journey into the rich and deep emotional landscapes of the heart as Jeff and Susie learn how to love each other, themselves, and God. A true testament to the power of sacrificial love and the redemptive love of our Father, it is impossible to read It's Not About Him and come away the same. Thick with romantic tension and spiritual honesty, It's Not about Him is a realistic look at the strength and limitations of love, and the struggles and the joys in finding your identity in Christ. Immensely satisfying, It's Not About Him is a welcome addition to the new brave new frontier of Christian fiction."

Amy from My Friend Amy


"There's an authenticity that brilliantly shines through in Michelle Sutton's storytelling, first with her fantastic debut It's Not About Me, and now with her equally engaging sophomore effort, It's Not About Him. Instead of settling for pat answers and generic spiritual takeaway, Sutton's writing explores the very real (and often neglected) subject matter that can't help but resonate with her young adult readers. Yet in the midst of all these heart-wrenching struggles (and trust me, this book is filled with them!), there are glorious shades of God's grace that ultimately point to the true Hope. The journey may not always be a picnic, but Sutton definitely knows how to spin a yarn and captivate your attention for the long haul."

Christa A. Banister, author of Around the World in 80 Dates and Blessed Are the Meddlers (NavPress)


"Michelle Sutton writes with realism and honesty about issues facing young adults in today's world. The struggles aren't easy, because life today is rarely easy. But a thread of spiritual hope runs throughout It's Not About Him, as real as the hope that keeps us going in the midst of life's hard circumstances."

Virginia Smith, author of Stuck in the Middle (2008) and Age before Beauty from the Sister-to-Sister Series (Revell 2009)


"In It's Not About Him, Michelle Sutton addresses the harsh realities and sometimes graphic temptations with which today’s young Christians often struggle. As in her debut novel, It's Not About Me, Sutton loves her lead characters enough to let them make mistakes and bad decisions. But the lessons learned are numerous and edifying. One would expect teen readers to see the book as both a cautionary tale and a message of hope when circumstances seem too dark to overcome."

Trish Perry
Beach Dreams '08 Sunset Beach, July 2009 (Harvest House)


"Sutton has again written a novel addressing the real life challenges young people face, without sugar coating the issues or the answers. The scenarios she describes are exactly what teenagers and young adults are going through. The questions she raises? They're the ones kids wrestle with daily. Pop culture gives answers to these questions that offer little true hope. Sutton is a voice against the tide of cynicism and dead end solutions. Real issues. Real scenarios. Real hope. That is the heart of It's Not About Him."

Jim Rubart, author of Rooms (B&H, coming Jan. 2010)


"Ms. Sutton's done it again with another poignant story for today's youth in It's Not About Him. With great finesse and sensitivity, Ms. Sutton addresses timely issues such as abortion, date rape, abuse, alcoholism, and sexual temptation all wrapped up in a colorful and heart-rending story of two young lovers who must not only battle their own abusive pasts and insecurities as they struggle to maintain a strong faith in God, but learn to open their hearts to love again, despite many obstacles and temptations. With a slight surprise at the end, Ms. Sutton brings the story full circle, leaving the reader more than satisfied."

MaryLu Tyndall
The Falcon and the Sparrow '08 The Red Siren '09 (Barbour)


"It's Not About Him once again shows that Michelle Sutton is not afraid to make us fall in love with characters that are as flawed and real as we want to pretend we're not. A relevant and gritty must-read for older teens and adults alike!"

Barb Huff, ON TOUR series


"The thing that's so great about Michelle Sutton is that she isn't afraid to be real. It's Not About Him is a gripping story about two people struggling to make right choices despite their past mistakes. The plot is filled with tough topics of rape, drinking, premarital sex, and death, but Michelle deals with each scenario in a realistic way that proclaims Christ as the answer to all sin and reminds readers that He can work through any tragedy. Michelle weaves a series of plots that both break and warm the heart. It's Not About Him is the perfect sequel. Michelle has written another honest look into the world young Christians struggle to live in every day. I praise God for the way she shows her readers that they can stay pure if they lean on Christ and make good choices. I pray these books will change lives. I'm looking forward to book three."

Jill Williamson, author of By Darkness Hid; reviewer, Novel Teen Book Reviews


"From the first sentence in It's Not About Him, Michelle Sutton captures the emotions of her characters and makes you care about them. With her unique and honest voice, Michelle delivers another compelling story that confronts some of the toughest issues facing teens today."

Melanie Dobson, author of Together for Good and The Black Cloister (Kregel)


"Michelle Sutton has done it again! She tackles hard subjects--the aftermath of rape, the emotional turmoil of adoption, the challenge of sexual temptation--with sensitivity and realism. The two main characters, Jeff and Susie, will stick with you long after you've finished the book. I loved their relationship and how these new Christians fight to stay true to their faith as they face life-altering decisions. A must read, not only for young adults, but
for all adults."

Kathleen Fuller

A Brilliant Deception (Avalon): February, 2008

A Clever Disguise (Avalon): December, 2008

A Daring Return (Avalon): 2009

Amish Fiction

Second Chances (Thomas Nelson): 2009


"Authentic and confronting, emotive and compelling, Michelle Sutton's It's Not About Him takes the reader on a journey of heartache and hope as Susie and Jeff battle fear, temptation and despair. Michelle vividly exposes the frailties of the human heart with a frankness rarely seen as her characters struggle with rape, alcoholism, promiscuity and failing God's call on their lives. Susie, Jeff and Tony experience the painful consequences of their choices, grappling with the true meaning of living by faith and the sacrifices love demands. Despite the difficult subject matter, hope and forgiveness lie at the heart of this novel, offering today's young adults the promise of a restored heart and mind through a relationship with Jesus. It's Not About Him is a brave and riveting story."

Rel Mollet of relzreviewz


"Michelle Sutton Does It Again!

In this #2 book in her Second Glances Series, Michelle Sutton delivers a sizzling story, pushing the envelope in the Christian fiction market, but doing so with finesse and finely crafted scenes, which always ultimately point the reader back to Christ. Characters in It's Not About Him are flawed Christians, just like any other. The difference in this story, is that Sutton clearly points out their flaws, and in a way that, while sometimes a bit too edgy for this reader, definitely reveals the realistic, frail side we humans possess.

Temptation, premarital sexual relations, alcohol, an unplanned pregnancy, and several other "edgy" topics will find a place in It's Not About Him, but in scenes tastefully handled and again, true-to-life. Readers will flip through the pages of this novel and hardly realize the ticking of the clock, so fast-paced is its plot and intriguing and multi-leveled its characters.

This is a riveting story that points the reader to a God of forgiveness and cleansing through Christ’s blood. Yes, many of the scenes and topics will take you to the very brink of Christian fiction, but Christ Himself lived on "that edge"—not afraid to mingle with the dregs of society, His hand and heart always reaching out to their lost and seemingly unredeemable souls. These are the kinds of people Sutton writes about, the 'throwaways' who've known rejection, emotional heartache, and loss—and yet have managed to find their way back to a loving Savior. It is a story of restoration and healing.

Don't miss It's Not About Him. It's an education onto itself!"

Sharlene MacLaren

Reviewers Choice Award in '07 and '08 "Road to Romance"; ACFW finalist for Book of the Year '07; finalist Inspirational Reader’s Choice '08:

Author: Little Hickman Creek series, Daughters of Jacob Kane series, and several stand-alone novels. All published by Whitaker House.


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Hey, thanks, Andie! That's one thorough post (with the endorsements included.) You are the best and I really do think you'll love It's Not About Him. A bunch of people said they liked it even better than the first book.

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