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Hometown Favorite

Revell (September 1, 2008)


Bill Barton and Henry O. Arnold


Bill Barton is a business partner with Compass Technologies. An active member and volunteer at his church, Hendersonville Chapel, Barton is a regular speaker at services and other events. He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with his family.

Henry O. Arnold has been a professional actor, writer, and director in theatre, film, and television. He co-wrote and produced the film The Second Chance starring Michael W. Smith and wrote the screenplay for the first authorized film documentary on evangelist Billy Graham, God's Ambassador. Arnold lives in Portland, Tennessee.


Talented, handsome, and personable, Dewayne Jobe rose from humble beginnings in rural Mississippi to play college football in Southern California and beyond. One of the best wide receivers in college ball, Dewayne is assured a promising career in professional football as one of those rare athletes whose exceptional abilities place him in a league of his own.

He easily finds success both on and off the field. Dewayne's got a beautiful, intelligent wife running his lucrative endorsement business and carrying his child and the pristine white picket fence to boot. The only thing lacking is a road sign confirming his address on Easy Street.

But catastrophe looms right around the corner and ultimately strikes with a crushing vengeance. Will Dewayne's faith and character stand the test of such tragedy? Or will he lose everything--including the love of his life?

This modern retelling of the story of Job will capture readers with the age-old question of why bad things happen to good people--and how good people can survive.

Combining realistic sports action and a deadly serious challenge to faith, Hometown Favorite is a story that won't let you up off the turf until the game clock hits zero.

If you'd like to read the first chapter of Hometown Favorite, go HERE

"An amazing story of betrayal, forgiveness, redemption and hope. The characters are vibrant and alive. Barton and Arnold have a rare and keen understanding of human nature, making the spiritual truths of this story both profound and compelling."

~Michael W. Smith, recording artist

"Like a close game and a score that just won’t turn around, Dewayne’s true fans and Hometown Favorite readers will appreciate the daunting odds fate doles out and this story’s hard-won outcome."

~Darnell Arnoult, author of Sufficient Grace

FROMMIPOV: I'm a football fan from the word pigskin! I can't wait until fall for football season! Monday night football in our home was a family event, and I was the girl in high school who had more guy friends than girl friends. So, this book was a football lovers dream come true. It combined all my favorite things! Football, reading, and our Heavenly Father.
HomeTown Favorite- Follows the life of Dewayne Jobe. This story begins in a small town in Mississippi, reaches as far west as LA, then to Houston. Involved are Dewayne's two best friends Sly, and Jesse. They've been together since Pee Wee football days. Two constants in their lives have been Dewayne's Mom, Cheri Jobe who loved the boys as if they were her own, had them over for her home cookin'. The other has been Coach Hopper, the special teams coach from the high school. To him these boys were like the sons he never had. He's loved them like his own. While at college Dewayne meets the love of his life Rosella Caldwell - a woman who comes from a wealthy LA family. For Dewayne her family is unfamiliar ground. His Mom was a single mother, and worked a factory job to raise him.
This book is more than a football hero story. It's a story that shows when you've lost everything and God's all you have, God's all you need! It reaches beyond the boundaries of humanness. Each of us can relate to this book. Because we've all experienced insurmountable pain and loss. The beauty about this book is that the authors showed that true hope and healing is from our Heavenly Father!
I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars out of 5!
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