My Review Of Ruby Among Us

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This book captured me right from the beginning, and didn’t let me go. Ms. Forkner was able to write about a very deep and emotional subject, yet keep the reader coming back to read more. She does this by keeping the background about Lucy a mystery.

Being an adopted child I could really identify with Lucy and her need to know about her Mother, and her Father. I loved how Forkner expressed feelings that were real. I experienced those feelings as a girl growing up. While I have wonderful parents it was the heritage I was desperate to know and learn about. I located my birth-mother in the early 90’s and while I learned some important facts, the reunion was not at all what I had imagined in my mind over my growing up years.

I have a really wonderful relationship with my father, and reading this book and seeing how Lucy growing up without that Father figure really opened my eyes to how it not only is a detriment in the way of male and female love, but the main love which is between us and our Heavenly Father. The true and perfect love. Without a father, how would a child even begin to understand the love from our Heavenly Father.

At first I thought this was a great book for mothers, daughters, granddaughters, and grandmothers. After reading it, I have changed my mind. This book is also great for fathers and daughters. It reaches the entire realm of the family. Ms. Forkner has swung and hit a home run here, and I can’t wait to see what she coming next.


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