Spring Reading Challenge update

Friday, May 23, 2008

General Fiction

Celebutantes - Amanda Goldberg - Done 5/5 - This was like being back in Cali for awile.
Still Summer - Jacquelyn Mitchard - Done 5/5 - Great vacation story
Lost & Found - Carolyn Parkhurst - Done 5/5 - Fun, and very soul searching
Black Olives - Martha Tod Dudman - Done - Weird book!
Obedience - Will Lavendar - Done 5/5 - This was a wild ride!
Bridge of Sighs - Richard Russo - Didn't finish, couldn't get into
The Wednesday Letters - Jason F. Wright - Done 5/5 - Loved this story
The Middle Place - Kelly Corrigan - Done - A disturbing memoir
Her Last Death - Susanna Sonnenberg - Done 4/5 - The mother was similar to Joan Crawford, surprising the daughter lived to write the memoir.
Change of Heart - Jodi Picoult - 3/5 one of the lowest rates I have ever given on any of Jodi's books.
Three Little Words - Ashley Rhodes-Courter Done - 4/5 This girl was passed around from foster home to foster home and is just an amazing girl!
Remember Me? - Sophia Kinsella - Done 5/5 - Just plain out and out funny!
The Secret Between Us - Barbara Delinsky Done 5/5 - A great mother / daughter story.
It wasn't all warm and fuzzy, it was real and had raw emotion.
Deep Dish - Mary Kay Andrews - Done - 3/5 Was really blah for me. Not as fun as Hissy Fit
Plum Lucky - Janet Evanovich - Done - 5/5 Hilarious!

Christian Fiction

When Zefty Got a Clue - Peggy Darty - Done - 4/5 This was a fun cozy. Once I got started I couldn't put this one down.
Amber Morn - Brandilyn Collins - Done 5/5 Another home run for Brandilyn! Full of suspense and chills!
Trouble The Water - Nicole Seitz - Done 3/5 I didn't like this one as much as I liked the Spirit of Sweetgrass
My Soul To Keep - Melanie Wells-Done 5/5 Loved this one!
Winter Haven - Athol Dickson Done 4/5
The Warriors - Mark Andrew Olsen - Haven't finished
The Blue Bottle Club - Penelope Stokes - Put down
Stuck In The Middle - Virginia Smith - Done 5/5
Sister's Inc - Rebeca Seitz Done 5/5

Total of 20 finished!


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