Been awhile

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A lot has happened since I wrote last. I've read some, been to Colorado and back. I think I'll talk about my books.

The Queen's Fool

Another one of Gregory's triumphs! A young girl disguising herself so that her father and her won't be discovered as Jews become's Queen Mary's fool. In this installment of the Boleyn's, Mary is Katherine's daughter and Elizabeth is Ann Boleyn's bastard. These two are so much like their mothers it is uncanny. To be honest with all the infidelity, and blood bath I am surprised that England has survived this long.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

This book is just pure laugh out loud funny! Something I definitely needed after a memorial service. I know I will read this again, just for the pure enjoyment it was.

I am now reading My Mother, The Cheerleader by Richard Sharenow

This book was sent to me by Harper Collins. They gave away free ARC books to those who would be willing to give them feedback on it. It is about integration in the 60's in New Orleans, and how the white families would not allow their children to go to school with the black children. The young girl narrating the story is telling how her mother would go to the elementary school and shout at Ruby Bridges, this kindergartener, because she was black and going to the white school.

I'll give you feedback when I finish it. It's very hard to read, because I think the attitudes expressed by the white families is stupid.


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