Bookish Confession . . . I Have Definite Bookish OCD

Monday, June 11, 2018

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is books that make you want to travel. Since I did a travel topic in March, which you can read here. I found a topic on Broke and Bookish that I missed and thought it was the perfect topic, especially since I just re-organized my bookcase today.

Confession # ONE - I have to remove the dust jacket from a hardback book. I am afraid I will wrinkle or tear it while I read.
Confession # TWO - Whether hardback or paper, I can't break the binding.

Confession # THREE - No dog-earing allowed! I have colored post-it flags that I use if I want to remember something.
Confession # FOUR - I have to read an entire series in order. And they have to be put in order on my bookcase.
Confession # FIVE - This is one of the hardest ones for me. If I am reading a book for review I have to finish it no matter how daunting and grueling the task might be.
Confession # SIX - Bookmarks are sacred, especially the ones I receive from the author. They are not to be touched.
Confession # SEVEN - I could be dog tired, falling asleep with the book but I can't stop reading until I get to a chapter break. Since the kindle has a percentage on the bottom I can't stop until I'm at an even percentage 20, 25, 30, 35% etc.
Confession # EIGHT - I think I am the only one who can't read one book at a time. I think my anti-epileptic medication has made me a little ADA, because I used to just read one at a time.
Confession # NINE - Loaning books gives me anxiety, even if it's just to my kids or grands. I'm constantly worried how they are being treated and how or if they will be returned.
Confession # TEN - I am a huge list maker. All my TBR or books I am reading is on a list. I check them off as they're read and I put a date I started and finished.

Do you have bookish OCD Confessions? Are any of yours some of mine? Let me know in the comments.


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I too have to read a series in order and cannot stop reading until I get to a chapter break.

ohhh the great book loan anxiety! I know it well :-p

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