Sunday Funday - Favorite Holiday Tradition

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My parents started the tradition of giving my daughter's ornaments for Christmas when my oldest daughter, Stefani was born. They still give the girls ornaments today. Since my parents gave ornaments to their grandchildren, I have kept the tradition going and give ornaments to their children. My mother believes that the only ornament worthy of giving is a Hallmark ornament. I don't do that, mainly because we would probably choose the same ornament for the kids. Each year Mark and I go to a Christmas show here in town and I pick up handmade ornaments for the kids there.

 This year I got the granddaughter's a cupcake ornament in a glass bulb. This is for Lily our granddaughter in Washington that I need to mail. I got her little brother a Santa in a race car since he loves anything with wheels.

What is a favorite holiday tradition of yours? Or one you'd like to start? Let me know in the comments.


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That’s a fun tradition! Our family enjoys getting together, laughing, sharing memories, eating, playing table games and just enjoying being together.

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