Survivor Game Changers . . . Spoiler Alert!!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I am a huge fan of Survivor, I've been watching it since the first season when Richard Hatch walked around the beach naked. That is still something I can't unsee! This season of Survivor had to be one of the craziest seasons ever, with Jeff Varner outing Zeke as transgender, the ridiculousness at tribal council, Michaela totally missing an advantage at her feet because she was so mad at not being chosen, Debbie blaming Brad about her inability to walk on a balance beam when she insisted she could do it so he let her at a challenge. Jeff encouraging Cirie yet again to jump off a pole after a challenge, and praising her for getting off the couch eleven years ago to play, however she literally moved from the couch to a hammock. Sandra droning on and on that she is the Queen of Survivor and won't be dethroned, yet she was this season, sent to the jury before we even got to the final six. Brad Culpepper being the only player to win five individual immunity's in one season. However, none of it could surpass what happened at tribal council last night.

Do not read past this unless you want to know about last night's Survivor finale.

Last night at the first tribal council, the most amazing game play happened. After the immunity challenge Brad Culpepper won individual immunity there was a scramble as to who of the six would be voted out. Aubry was the one talked about, everyone voted and Jeff returned with the urn. And this is when I found out my husband was right and Jeff does go through the votes and organizes them every other one. Brad has immunity, Tai plays both his idols, one for him and one for Aubry, Troyzan plays his idol, and Sarah plays her advantage which had to be played at six or five. Here's the play, all five are covered and can't be voted for, yet in the urn the only names are the four that just got covered with immunity, there is only one person who can be voted for and her name is not in the urn, that is Cirie, so since she is the only one that can be voted for, and without doing a re-vote and having five votes against her she is automatically voted out and sent to the jury. I've never been a fan of Cirie and I wanted her gone awhile ago, and a good number of fans are butt-hurt that she got voted out this way, but seriously what a way to go. I thought it was awesome! Here's the video if you missed it.

Now there are five, Brad, Troyzan, Aubry, Sarah, and Tai. At the next immunity challenge, Brad wins again, and Aubry is sent to the jury. I didn't want her to win either. Now we're at four, Brad, Troyzan, Sarah, and Tai. Brad wins immunity again and Tai is sent to the jury. I need to add that Tai was an emotional wreck, he felt as though Brad was intimidating him which is what led to him playing both of his idols. Tai had lied and played people against each other and therefore the remaining close three, Brad, Troyzan, and Sarah didn't feel like they could trust him, so Brad tried talking him into a deal of giving him one of the idols so that he couldn't play one for someone else which is exactly what he did. After Tai becomes the tenth member of the jury it really looks like Brad is a shoe in for the win and a good amount of the jury are on his side. Once again we have a change up at tribal but I thought what Jeff did was pretty awesome! He tells the jury that when they question the remaining three they must question them based on the three things Survivor stands for, Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. Tribal becomes somewhat emotional, especially when it came to Sarah's game play. On one hand she made friends with everyone yet she was instrumental in voting some of those friends out, and how could she be both a friend and then hurt those friends. She explained it quite well saying that as a police officer she has been under-cover as a drug dealer, prostitute, and when you are under-cover you become those things. It's like being two separate people. What annoyed me the most about the questioning of Sarah in this manner was, what was the difference between Sarah's game play and Cirie who manipulated, worked people behind their backs, attempted to control the game? Nothing really other than Sarah was in the final three and Cirie wasn't AGAIN! The members of the jury that liked Brad, which Ozzy was one of them, liked him because he played without getting his hands dirty, and thought he played an honest game. They felt that Troyzan was more of a rider than someone who made decisions and actually initiated game play.



She so deserved it! She played an awesome game and  was responsible for most if not all of the jury members. Heck she voted out Sierra and convinced her to give her the legacy advantage. That's SWEET game play!!


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