Tuesday Top Ten

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This should be a fun Tuesday Top Ten. Meme's seem to be a fun way we all communicate on social media, so I thought it would be fun to post my top ten book memes for Tuesday Top Ten.

So . . . in no particular order . . .

Can anyone relate?? Oh man can I! I have been up til 3 am several times because of a plot twist.

How about crying because of a characters death or loss of a relationship. Sometimes I think authors live to torture their readers. 😃😃

Here's a good one, falling in love with hero. I could name a few hero's I have fallen for.

Only other readers understand how real the characters become. I've caught myself praying for characters.

You have a list of things to do and in planning to do them you see a book and suddenly nothing but the book is important.

You finish an amazing book, pick up the next one on your TBR pile and you are just reading words and trying to make them fit in the last book's story.

Pretty much!


Oh yes! I love series and hate when they end. I want to see not only what happened with them but their kids, grand-kids, grt grand-kids . . .

I have done this so many times. I now use post it flags, and highlight on my kindle so I can come back to them later. 

So are any of your favorite book memes in my list? If not please leave me yours in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed looking at mine and that you are reading a good book! Have a great Tuesday!


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