Tips To Writing a Good Book Review

Friday, November 25, 2016

I've been writing reviews for almost ten years, and in the last few years I've noticed reviewers and bloggers alike regurgitating the book in their review. The whole point of writing a review is to help promote the book for the author, kind of hard to influence someone to purchase the book if the review tells what the book is about. A review is your opinion of the book, not a breakdown of the book. When I write a review I think about how the characters made me feel, did they evoke emotion, and what emotion did they evoke. I know how hard it is to write a review and not give away certain points. For me reviewing and promoting Christian authors is a ministry and by giving away too much of the book I feel as if I am doing the authors a disservice. I want their book to succeed as much as they do.

Here are some tips on how to write a good book review . . .

As you read the book, take notes, I have to do this mainly because I have short-term memory loss. I also use the little post it flags in the book so I remember parts that meant a lot to me. On my kindle I use the high-light feature. Then when I write my review I have my kindle or notes right beside me.

What makes this book different from the others you've read, and if you recommend it, why?

Does the book fit in the genre it is identified in, if not, why?

What are the major themes of the book? Can you sum up the book in one word/sentence?

Does the author's writing style fit the targeted audience? ie. . . .Young adult, Fantasy, Historical, Historical Romance, Speculative . . .
The writing style coincides with the genre to a small degree.

These are just a few suggestions, and thinking about these may help you write a review without adding too much of the story.
Most authors, and book buyers want to know if you liked it and why, they don't want to know the entire book, that takes away the fun for a reader and a sale for an author.

One thing a reviewer should never, ever do, is trash the author if for some reason you and the book didn't become friends. In my 10 years of blogging, I haven't had very many, but I have had a few and I always start with a positive, end with a positive, and say that just because I didn't like it, if you like this genre please give it a try.

Happy Reading!


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