Come to the Garden by Jennifer Wilder Morgan

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A novel based on true experiences, Come to the Garden is a story about a woman’s journey with a mysterious angel that encourages readers to believe heaven is closer than they think.

Years ago, author Jennifer Wilder Morgan served as a hospital volunteer, visiting critically ill patients—praying with them and listening to their stories. As she created a safe space for those of all faiths and backgrounds, patients began confiding in Morgan about the mysterious ways God speaks to them—including encounters with angels, visions of loved ones who've passed on, and messages of comfort spoken in dreams. She witnessed the profound healing that occurs when people are permitted to talk about these experiences, and as a result, Morgan was inspired to share her own personal encounters with God in a novel.

In Come to the Garden, the main character Jenn wakes up on her birthday to find an angel introducing herself as Margaret in the backyard garden. Lately Jenn has been struggling to make sense of the mysterious ways God has been speaking to her and is trying to understand what he wants her to know. The angel takes Jenn back through her memories and life experiences, revealing how God has been connecting with her all along. Under the angel’s guidance, Jenn finally understands the messages God has been speaking to her, in her dreams, divine promptings, and unexplained coincidences. It becomes clear that God is a faithful and persistent pursuer of the human heart.

Framed as a series of conversations between Jenn and her guardian angel, this unconventional and charming narrative will strike deep into the hearts of anyone seeking a greater understanding of God. Come to the Garden is an inspirational fictional story about the surprising ways God works in our lives and affirms that heaven is truly closer than we think.

 Jennifer Wilder Morgan graduated from Kent State University and is a member of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. She resides in Houston, Texas, where she served in Methodist Hospital Houston's lay ministry. She is a member of The Woodlands United Methodist Church.

My Take~
Honestly, I don't know how I feel about this book. I have had two encounters with angels, once in Hawaii. The angel notified EMS when my car stopped at a stop light died and I wasn't coherent. We didn't know then that I had epilepsy. The second time was in 2007 when I had a seizure after being seizure free and I ran into a tree. Her name was Heather and she was an EMS worker that put me on the back board and kept me as calm and pain free as she could. When I went to thank her we found out that no Heather worked there. I couldn't imagine having an ongoing daily conversation with an angel, that would be both amazing and strange at the same time.
There were a couple of things that bothered me. One was about how before we leave Heaven we are bounced on Jesus' knee. While I could see Jesus doing that, in my minds eye I saw a conveyor belt with little babies coming to Jesus before He sends them down to the parents. The second was Jennifer not knowing that Blessed Assurance was a hymn, I know that sounds a little picky, I was singing that song as a small child. 
The book was written in memoir form, Jennifer is the narrator. It flows nicely as Jennifer and her angel, Margaret talk daily. 



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