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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I am not a fan of the Duggers and an even less fan now. I have never watched an episode, I personally think making a show out of procreation is ridiculous. In light of yesterday's revelations Josh Dugger seems to be doing damage control. Coming out with a statement of apology, that he's apologized to the victims, his parents knew about it when it happened and that's when he became a believer in Christ, he resigned from the Family Research Council. . . blah-blah-blah . . . Nothing has been said about these girls, how old they were when it happened, how they are doing now, and for his sisters how their relationship is with him now.

Had TLC not made a public announcement about dropping the show we would be none the wiser and I have to say I think TLC has done a real disservice here. In REAL life unless this happened in our community we'd not even know about any of this. The Christian community seems to be split down the middle as to the feelings regarding this, some forgive and forget, others stone him. There does seem to be a small group that aren't really on any side. I am not in the forgive and forget camp, nor am I in the camp wanting to stone him.
My position is . . .the family is reaping what they sowed. Had Jim Bob and Michelle dealt with this at the time, when he was 14, cancelled the show for personal reasons, allowed the families of his victims, and the court system handle this in the steps that are in place for a juvenile, he and his victims would've been protected. Now, it is all out in the open for everyone to see, and speculate about. Which isn't doing anyone any good.
As a woman who was assaulted as a teen, and endured verbal abuse by my former husband, this whole situation makes my skin crawl. Forgiving Josh Dugger is not for me to do, he didn't assault me,  continuing to exercise forgiveness toward the guy that violated me and my ex-husband for his verbal attacks, is what Christ has called me to. That doesn't stop the tape from playing in my head, or triggers from coming. It just means that when those pop up in my head like yesterday when I heard about this I give it into the hands of my heavenly Father to deal with. I propose that is what we as Christ followers do . . . place the Duggers into the hands of the Father and let Him handle it. He knows all about this, and speculating about what did, or did not happen does nothing but divide.
My heart breaks for all of the girls involved. This is hard enough to deal with quietly, having it splashed across newspapers, and all over the internet has to be unbearable.

I hope the TLC executives realize what they have done with bringing this all public and learn from it so that it doesn't happen again.

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