Picture Imperfect by Susan Maas

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Twelve-year-old JJ loves three things: her great-grandma, her cat, and photography. But she’s never going to be a real photographer unless she gets better equipment. When her best friend, Kat, discovers a photo contest with the grand prize of a fancy digital camera—the kind JJ’s parents could never afford—she jumps at the chance to win it.
Things start going wrong when ditzy Aunt Lissa moves in under mysterious circumstances and JJ’s forced to share her room. Why did Lissa lose her job anyway? Kat has all sorts of theories—theories that bring more trouble than the girls can imagine.

Susan Thogerson Maas got her first camera around age ten and has loved photography ever since. Her favorite subjects are nature scenes and wildflowers, but she also enjoys photographing family members, who sometimes find it annoying. Her dream in grade school was to write books for children, which proves that dreams can come true. When not taking pictures or writing, Susan can be found hiking, bird watching, working in her vegetable garden, playing on the computer, and, of course, reading.

My thoughts:
Oh Boy, could I relate to JJ. My dad has a couple of crazy sisters that became my Aunt's and there was never a dull moment. One came to live with us for awhile when she was pregnant with her son Aaron. I'll never forget that time as long as I live. She took me to Peaches records when I was ten or eleven, I had never been in that store, and I remember feeling super cool after she took me there.

This is a great story for young teen/tween girls who are wondering who they are. The message is clear they are who they are meant to be in Christ.

I highly recommend this book!!


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