Divorce Rates . . . .and The Church...

Monday, March 10, 2014

I always love when someone says something STUPID, and I get the opportunity to PROVE them wrong!!
Last Thursday, at small group, someone made the comment that divorce rates among church goers is higher than outside . . . well . . .it seems by this article http://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/2013/08/why-is-the-divorce-rate-among-church-goers-as-high-as-non-church-goers/ that it is the same...about 42%.
The comment REALLY upset me because the person was being general in her comment, even though she has been divorced as well.
I was apart of a single's group before I remarried, pretty good sized, and when someone says that "Christian marrieds" just give up, she is way out of line. In the singles group I was in, which we all went through Divorce Care Recovery, none of them were there because they just gave up on their marriage. There was a definite biblical reason for it. So...before you pop off saying something, know the facts...don't generalize, and remember that if you don't know everyone's personal story, you may hurt some feelings.


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