Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This story is getting a lot of debate. I am adopted and am a huge advocate of adoption. However, I have a real problem with someone using the system to their advantage. Apparently this birth mother chose a family and they had paid 6K worth of lawyer fees for this adoption and were then lied to about the babies. For me that is not cool.
As a birth mother if you start a process with a family, and they have paid money in expectation of adopting the baby(ies) at the end of your pregnancy, and you pull a fast one on them, there is no word to describe how cruel that is.
These twin girls were born on Christmas Eve, and the birth mother told the first couple that she would be keeping the babies, then they found out that she adopted them out to an older couple who had more money. The second couple have already raised four sons, while the first couple were infertile, and didn't have any kids.
They were prepared, their church had given them a shower, they had a beautiful nursery set up for these girls.
I tell you this puts a stench on adoptions that are on the up and up, with children like myself and younger brother whose birth parents couldn't care for us and our parents who were infertile were able to adopt us.


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