30 Things About Me - Day 16 . . . My 5 Greatest Accomplishments

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My 5 Greatest Accomplishments

1. My beautiful daughters! They are all mine and
     I love them!

2.  My marriage to Mark. Being 
 married to your best friend is
     such a blessing & Fun!

3.  Being a mother! Raising 3 children to adulthood, without any deaths is an accomplishment. : )

4.  Living on my own after my divorce. I went straight from high school, did two years of college, and then married my first husband and had never lived on my own, so living on my own for the first time was a HUGE step. I really enjoyed it and found that I had more confidence than I thought I did.

5.  My walk with Christ. Each day that I lean on Him more, allow Him more control in my life is an accomplishment. He is my Abba Father, my guide, I need Him for everything I do. I would be nothing without Him.

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