30 Things About Me . . . Day 11 Describe 10 Pet Peeves I Have

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 11 Describe 10 Pet Peeves I Have. . .

1.  People who cause drama. - you know the ones, they don't have any thing going on in their life so they cause issues just so they have something going on.

2.  Know it alls - those who think they know everything about everything.

3.  Inconsiderate people, those who have no thought or care for others feelings.

4.  Bad drivers, don't get me started on this one.

5.  Dishes in the sink - I can't go to bed, or leave the house without dishes being put in the dishwasher or done.

6.  Unsupervised children. Where I live kids are constantly unsupervised, little ones, and they are very lucky they haven't gotten hit.

7.  Father / Mother who after a divorce won't stay in contact with their children, regardless of age. That is a huge pet peeve.  Kids suffer so much in a divorce regardless of age and they deserve their parents to stay connected to them. There is no reason not to, other than selfishness.

8.  People who can't do their job and do it correctly, which in the end costs more time and money for the business and everyone involved.

9.  Fake people. Be real, it's much better, and people definitely like real people better than fake.

10.  Guys with huge egos. Get over it! You are not the Cat's Meow! All of us women are not going to fall at your feet and worship you.

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