The Bachelor - Sean - Bad Move Dude!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Desiree is 26, and a Bridal Stylist.
When the Bachelor started this season her and Sean just clicked! Their relationship superseded any of the other relationships he had with the other girls.
They didn't have drama, she brought fun, he always looked forward to seeing her. As their relationship progressed over the weeks, the way he looked at her you knew that he was falling in love with her. She was the only one he had called Des. Instead of Desiree. That only happens when you have really strong feelings for someone.
He wasn't calling AshLee, Ash . . .  or Lindsey, Lin.

Last night was the hometown dates and after Desiree plays a practical joke on Sean with having an ex-boyfriend come in and act all upset about her being gone, telling her he loved her, and asked if she was going to marry this joker. . . meaning Sean. Sean loved that not only could Desiree take a practical joke, she could play one. Things seemed to go well until Des' brother got involved and called Sean a playboy which he is not, and that put all kinds of questions into Sean's head. Could he be with someone whose brother didn't like him.

Desiree talked to him before the rose ceremony and apologized and he told her there was nothing to apologize for, but she still did with tears in her eyes.
After he handed out a rose to Lindsey, and Ashlee, he was STUCK! He didn't know who he was going to give his last rose to. Should he give it to Catherine, or Desiree. He left the women and went in to talk to Chris Harrison. With a heavy heart he gave it to Catherine, and walked Des out. You could tell by his demeanor and the way he looked at her that this was not what he really wanted to do. He said he was going to miss her, she said you're making the biggest mistake. And I fear he is!

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