Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simon Orwell is a brilliant student whose life has taken a series of wrong turns. At the point of giving up on his dreams, he gets a call from an old professor who has discovered a breakthrough in a device that would create unlimited energy, and he needs Simon's help.

But once he crosses the border, nothing goes as the young man planned. The professor has been killed and Simon is assaulted and nearly killed by members of a powerful drug cartel.

Now he must take refuge in the only place that will help him, a local orphanage. There, Simon meets Harold Finch, the orphanage proprietor who walked away from a lucrative career with NASA and consulting Fortune 500 companies to serve a higher cause.

With Harold's help, Simon sets out on a quest to uncover who killed the professor and why. In due time, he will discover secrets to both the world changing device and his own unlimited potential.

My Thoughts:

In true Davis Bunn style you open the book and you hear "ready, set action." 
This book was full of action and it pulls you in from the first page to the last.
Normally, a book is made into a movie in this case the movie is making the book and being filmed right in front of you. 
Simon Orwell is a great character, he is flawed and makes mistakes, characters like this are ones we can identify with.


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