Survivor Blood VS Water

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well the 27th Season of Survivor: Blood Vs Water started last night. I can't believe that this show has been going on for 27 seasons. I remember watching the first one, and then when I lived in Virginia Beach, we ran into Rudy Boesch at the Navy Exchange. He was so kind, and talked to anyone, he didn't allow his "fame" from Survivor to go to his head.

Last night was quite different than any season. The family members were separated and on each tribe someone was voted out right after they stepped on the beach. Laura, Rupert's wife, and Candice Cody were voted off to Redemption Island.  Both Rupert and John had the chance to take their wives place and go to Redemption Island in their place. Rupert did, John and Candice decided she was a better choice than him. 
However, he felt horrible for not going in her place.

The newbies gave a good fight at the immunity challenge, however, they were schooled by the veterans, and ended up going to tribal council.

Gervase is playing with his niece Marissa and because of his behavior after they won the immunity challenge the tribe voted Marissa off and she is at Redemption Island with Rupert, and Candice. It should be noted that had it not been for Tyson, Gervase would be drowning in the ocean right now. So, his over zealous excitement for his tribe's win, was stupid, and put his niece who can't be much older than eighteen in jeopardy.

 Surprising to me, Monica's husband, was a Florida Gator, and I'm not sure that I really like him. He is bossy, and thinks he is all that and a good glass of wine. I will give him a chance, but I'm not too excited about him at this point.



Over all it was a good start to the new season. I think it would've been fun to have Colby Donaldson and his family member. C'mon ladies you know you agree!

 Looking forward to a great season!!!



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