The Bachelorette Finale . . . Not really

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The lead in is the sweeping ocean coast of Antigua. We see scenes from the past dates, and the guys she has said good-bye to.

Des is so hopeful, and goes on about how she wants a love that lasts forever . . . is that what she is going to receive.

She tells us about the three guys left . . .

Chris was the first to tell her that he loved her, and he understands her awkwardness.

Drew she says would be a great father and husband because of how he cares for his handicapped sister.

Brooks she says is who she sees her future with. His goofiness, he is spontaneous. They have words to describe where they are in their relationship and they were at a run.

Des and Jake's mini me have a great time exploring Antigua. She knows how he feels for her and she doesn't have to question it! Their date is rained out so they get out of the rain.
She's kissing Drew and she says she doesn't want to stop, I think that says something about how she feels about Drew. Sharing the fantasy suite is something Drew wants to do, he wants to wake up with her.
Drew kicks out the film crew, very cute!

I am beginning to think that even though Des loves Brooks, he is like that guy in high school that you always wanted but never had.
I love the BachelorNation Speaks out comment. In Des's mind, Brooks is Harvard, Drew is that totally cute liberal arts college near by, and Chris is safety school. I have to agree!

Cut to Brooks walking through a park, and he has been thinking about the hometown date that was a week ago and he is concerned about what will happen with the fantasy suite and telling her that he loves her.
Hello, McFly . . . you came on the Bachelorette to find a wife, if you didn't feel that Des was the one you should have left!
Talking with his sister, and Mom he says he wants to be in love, but he doesn't know why he is not farther along then he should be. 
Brooks is ridiculous! Just hearing him talking to his mom and sister he is in love, he just doesn't want to admit it, for whatever reason!

Chris is up for his date and they are going to explore the island in a helicopter. He loves Des and is excited to add this to another memory.

Chris and her have a physical connection, I'd say seeing them kiss laying on the beach. They are actually pretty cute together!
More kissing, he says he is more in love with her than before.
They go to the fantasy suite, which is a cabana, and it is beautiful!

Des goes on about how she is falling in love with the other guys, her feelings for Brooks go much deeper.

Chris H. shows up at Brooks' bungalow to talk. Brooks goes on about how they have had amazing dates, the conversation has flowed, then after the hometown date he began to question if she is really the love of his life.
Brooks says whatever he needs to feel he isn't feeling crazy love to her. He says he is ready for love, and to commit.
Whatever he does, he says, there is going to be tears and heartache. You think?!?!?
It is quite clear that Brooks should have left a long time ago, and he didn't have the balls to face the fact earlier. 

He is so serious when he gets to her that she knows something is wrong right off the bat.
He feels like she is so much better than her . . . she disagrees.
He feels like he looses what they have when they are apart, and Des misses him every day.
Here is the bombshell he wants to be madly in love with her, and he tells her not to cry! Jerk!!!

Why now? He didn't know. Seriously!!! He doesn't feel it! Does he not understand that love isn't always a feeling it is an action.
He wants to comfort her after he has broke her heart! How about you take a long walk off a short pier!!

Instead of the finale, this should have been titled, Brooks' the chicken who has no idea what love is or means! Des is better off without him!


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