Documentary, Affair of the Heart, Rick Springfield - Reviewed

Friday, July 19, 2013

WOW!!! I am completely and utterly blown away by the women in this documentary. I just watched this free on and it is quite clear that Rick is more important to them than their children, husband, any thing, and I don't believe that that is what he would want.
In this documentary, while you see great clips of concerts and hear him sing old and new music, some of the women are just ridiculous! Following him from concert to concert, even going on cruises, leaving their husbands at home to care for their children, saying that this is their break from being a mom. A break from being a mom is a girls night to dinner and a movie, not traipsing all over the country to see a teen idol.  If he happens to be in your town or close, then by all means go see him, but putting seeing him above everything else is just wrong!

I saw Rick in concert, in the pouring rain in 1984 in Florida. I was 18. We followed him to his hotel, and he waved at us from the balcony, we were of course thrilled to the bone, we were also TEENS!!! It is what teen girls do! Not grown women!

My mom was a huge fan of Wayne Newton, and saw him a lot when I was a kid. My dad and her went together. She didn't go off on her own to see him with her girlfriends!

I honestly don't believe women understand what they do to their husbands when they admire a celebrity, and I didn't understand what it does to a man's armor until my husband told me. I posted something innocent on Facebook about watching a movie with sexy Richard Gere and his best friend who married us, said something about it that really chapped my hide. When I spoke to my husband about it he told me that men's ego's are very fragile. We, as women, wouldn't think of their ego's being fragile, but they are. When we say things about how sexy or good-looking another man is we put a chink in their armor, and they feel like we don't think that way about them which is most likely untrue.

You will see in this documentary the husbands of these two crazed fans, and how hurt they are, yet their wives act like they don't care.

The documentary is good, it has great concert clips and Rick singing old and new music. Be ready for the obsessed women!


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