The Bachelorette with Desiree

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It is now Desiree's turn to CHOOSE! After Sean broke her heart. The problem who would you choose out of these guys.

I don't know where ABC gets these guys, but it is not from a HOT BODY competition at the beach that is for sure. I know from listening to Desiree looks is not her top priority however any woman would like someone nice on the eyes. 

Okay we have Zak W. who is a drilling engineer from Mico, Texas and the dude is standing on his balcony naked . . . can we say WEIRDO!!!!! He says he has to find creative ways to entertain himself . . . take up painting!

Brandon from CA . . . sob story. Seriously!

Brooks from Salt Lake, could pass for my little brother. :)

Brad, brings a wishbone  . . . which is cute. They pull it and Des wins. He tells her he hopes her wish comes true.

Johnathon the lawyer . . . brings a card asking her to a fantasy suite can we say STALKER!!!!!

Naked Zak from Texas, shows up missing a shirt and asks if she'll accept these abs. O EM GEE!!!!!

ER Doctor Larry comes out of the limo and wants to teach Des a dance move, not realizing that the dress she is in is not going to work well, and she ends up tearing part of her gown. DORK!

Magician Nick shows up with a paper rose that turns into a real rose. Sweet.

The knight in shining armor . . .Diogo . . a little strange, but memorable.

Brandon on the motorcycle . . . cool arrival. 

Micah's jacket is too weird for words!

Nick M's poem - so cheesy! UGH!

Ben bringing his son Brody who has a flower in his hand to give Des is too cute for words. Talk about an AWW moment. Brody says "I gave her the flower." He goes on to say "I wish I could go to the party, it would be so much fun." His gramma is waiting for him in the limo. 
Des is a puddle.

Brandon from Costa Mesa, whose mother is a recovering alcoholic gives Des a coin from AA, as a token when he talks to her because his mom gave it to him, she is 7 months sober, and he flipped it to decide whether to go to his birthday party or come to the bachelorette.  He said he wanted her to hang on to it and give it to his mom at the home town dates.  Sweet, cheesy, or presumptuous . . . all of the above for me.

Ben talks to Des during the cocktail party and they have a lot in common. Hunting, fishing, family activities. And she decides to give him the first rose. Panic arises in the house.

Zak from Texas strips down to his undies and jumps in the pool. I don't think Des was impressed. I wasn't and he is left in the pool without his clothes and no towel! Works for me. DORK!
I couldn't believe she gave him a rose. I mean really does she know what a pig he is.

Army guy Brydon seems to make an impression with his service in Iraq. 
Des gives him a rose and you'd think the guys were loosing their lifeline LOL

Juan Pablo is a soccer player and gets Des to play soccer, and it's cute. 
While their out playing soccer the guys come out, because God forbid Des have any time to herself with a guy. It's completely ridiculous!

The ER doc is freaking out because the dance move didn't work out the way he planned . . . get over it dude! & he starts to fall asleep while talking to her.  Really?!?!?!? You're here to meet your future wife and your falling asleep. Not a good sign dude!

Johnathon is a freak! He is determined to get her in a "fantasy" suite and he won't leave her alone about it. He thinks it is funny, but it isn't. He keeps trying to get her alone and she doesn't want to be alone with him, and he just doesn't get it. 
In a bold move she just tells him to leave. This is after the third time she has told him to knock it off.

It's quite clear from watching this first episode that Desiree knows what she wants and she is not going to let anyone define this road for her. I was rather impressed with how she handled most of the "little" boys. I say that because in most cases that is how they are behaving. 
Just watching them eye each other as she hands out the roses is humorous . . . it's like a pissing contest. I can't believe "grown men" behave this way. I expect it of women not of men. It just cracks me up.

She lets go of the ER DOC . . . the Magician . . .Diogo the knight in shining armor . . .

The season has only begun . . .



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Are you a longtime viewer of the Bachelor/ette franchise? I think Drew looks a lot like former Bachelor Jake Pavelka ... Jake really got on my nerves by season's end, and I hope that Drew resembles him in looks only--he's a cutie!

My sister wrote a hilarious recap. Check it out if you're so inclined:

Yes,I am a long time follower of the show. I have done other show recaps.

I chose to do this one and will follow it weekly because I really like Des.

Others commented that Drew looked like Jake Pavelka as well. I too hope it is in looks and not in personality.

However, most of the guys are dud's in looks, and I think she deserves better.

I will check out your sisters blog.
Thanks for stopping by.

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