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Friday, May 24, 2013

Why is it that when we pray for the supernatural, we are surprised when it shows up?

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Stanton knows the Bible says guardian angels exist, but assumes they only show up when people are dying or need to be saved from some kind of sudden disaster…until her own guardian angel appears to her in the form of a handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy her own age. As Olivia gets to know Mike, she begins to see angels—both good and evil—on a regular basis, and quickly learns how many misconceptions she had about the spiritual realm.
Will Mike be able to prepare Olivia for the daunting spiritual battle about to overtake her small town before it destroys her and everyone she cares about?

What I Liked . . . .

This is a great spiritual warfare book, along the lines of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. 
It really reminded me a lot of Frank Peretti's first book This Present Darkness.

Olivia is a seventeen and one Sunday she prays and asks God to show her if she has a guardian angel and He begins to show her.  
Little did she know that by praying this prayer she would not only see her guardian angel, she would also see into the spiritual realm. This strengthens her faith in so many ways.

What I didn’t . . . .

The author wanted to write a book for her daughter that was a positive paranormal. One that would focus on God. I give her a lot of credit for that. However, if you want to write a book that is different from the paranormal books that feature the vampires . . . ie Twilight, then don't write in things like Twilight. Instead of Olivia being the new person, it was Mike her guardian angel, and he is the "hot" guy with the "cool" car. And he appears in her room, not like Edward did with Bella, yet he comes in. Those things are indicadent of Twilight. So, if you want it to be different make it different.

About the Author . . . .

 Donna Stanley lives in the beautiful Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Jonathan, and their teenage daughter, Olivia. She attended Philadelphia Biblical University, Moody Bible Institute, and Mansfield University, where she studied angelology, demonology, and the anthropology of religion. She was a youth leader for ten years and a pastor’s wife for sixteen years. She now serves as a young-adult mentor and leader in her local church.
Donna has been writing articles for Christian retailing magazines, training manuals for start-up companies, and short stories for twenty years. She’s also an experienced speaker whose favorite subject is marketing and promotion…and, of course, angels!

Would I Recommend This . . . .

Yes, I would recommend this book. I would say that there are some parts that for a younger teen could be quite scary.  As a parent I would say that you would have to make a judgement on his/her's discernment in this area.


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