Discovering The City of Sodom

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Blurb:

Like many Christians today in the academic world, Dr. Steven Collins felt pulled in different directions when it came to apparent conflicts between the Bible and scholarly research and theory—an intellectual crisis that inspired him to lay it all on the line as he set off to locate the lost city of Sodom.

Recounting Dr. Collins’s quest for Sodom in absorbing detail, this adventure-cum-memoir reflects the tensions that define biblical archaeology as it narrates a tale of discovery. Readers follow “Dr. C” as he tracks down biblical, archaeological, and geographical clues to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, narrowing the list of possible sites as he weighs evidence and battles skeptics. Finally, he arrives at a single location that looms as the only option: a massive ancient ruin called Tall el-Hammam in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Many scholars who were initially opposed to Dr. Collins’s theory now concede that history books may need to be rewritten in light of his groundbreaking discovery. It—along with several other recent finds—is challenging the assumptions of academics and asserting a new voice in the controversy of biblical archaeology and the dispute over using the Bible as a credible historical source.

My Thoughts:  I am not into archaeological things, I don't watch the History channel and get all into the digs for lost artifacts.This book interested me because it is focused on the most controversial city that causes many heated discussions between Christians and non-Christians. The city of Sodom. Both Dr. Collins and Dr. Scott give quite a factual history of Sodom, and the area surrounding Sodom, even giving scriptural references. It feels quite "factual" there is no heart to the matter. There are lots of maps and detailed descriptions about the size of the area that the Patriarchs would have traveled, which was described to be the size of New Jersey. Not sure I believe that. Overall I found it interesting.


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