30 Things About Me - Day 6- What Is The Hardest Thing You've Ever Experienced

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 6 - Hardest Thing I Have Ever Experienced.

I would have to go with being diagnosed with epilepsy. I was 28, living in Hawaii. Up until that point my life was going along perfectly. My youngest daughter was weaning and I what I now know as aura's were getting stronger, but I didn't know what they were. I was driving to the commissary at Pearl Harbor. I was the lead car, at the stop light, my 20 month old daughter was in the back seat. When the light turned green my foot slipped off the foot and the clutch and it died. A lady we never found again, who we know was an angel, came to my aid, I spent four days in Tripler Army Medical Center where they ran every test imaginable, and I was fine. On October 31, 1994 I went back to see the Neurologist and he said he could diagnose me with epilepsy but that would change my life, I wouldn't be able to drive, there were center beaches I wouldn't be able to go to, we were signed up for scuba diving and I couldn't do that. He no sooner said that and I had a seizure, my husband pointed and said "This is what she does." the doctor said a classic complex partial seizure. He wished he had a camera in his office to tape since that was a teaching hospital. That began my cycle of the medicine merry - go - round to get me controlled. It also began my four years of accepting my disorder.
God is a God full of Grace and Mercy and even when we refuse to accept our trials willingly He will continually be there to give us strength and encouragement to go on.


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