30 Days - Day 2

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Describe 3 legitimate fears and how they became fears.

Fear # 1 - Small spaces

Absolutely can't stand being in a small space. This was never an issue until I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and had to have an MRI with the Jason cage mask over my face. After that I couldn't be in a small space, and to have an MRI I have to be sedated.

Fear # 2 - Loosing my daughter to type 1 diabetes

I hate DIABETES! My middle daughter has type 1 and while she is better at handling it then she was 11 years ago when she got diagnosed. There are so many complications with this disease, and I fear that the complications will be what ends her life.

I don't have 3. I have 2. My life is placed in God's hands, He is the author and finisher of my life and I know He will do what is best.


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