Wanting Rita - Reviewed

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Blurb:

When his high school sweetheart experiences a devastating tragedy, Dr. Alan Lincoln reluctantly returns to his Pennsylvania hometown to see her. It’s been 15 years. Rita was a small town beauty queen—his first love whom he has never forgotten. He was a nerd from a wealthy family. Her family was poor. They formed a strong connection during their senior year, but Rita married someone else, and the marriage ended tragically.

Alan’s marriage of three years is disintegrating, and he sees in Rita the chance to begin again with the true love of his life. Rita has been mentally and emotionally shattered, but she reaches out to Alan and fights to build a new life with him. During a passionate summer, however, the past and present converge and threaten their rekindled love, as Alan and Rita must struggle with old ghosts and new secrets.

My Thoughts:
A great summer read! Wanting Rita dares to ask the question can you go home again?  And when you are reunited with your true love, are there still sparks after all the years? Elyse Douglas not only asks these questions she answers them in her book Wanting Rita.
When Rita goes through a devastating time her mother calls her old boyfriend and begs him to come to town. He comes reluctantly. His marriage is falling apart, he feels drawn to Rita and she to him, yet there are things from their past, and present that they have to deal with.
This is not a feel good, warm fuzzy romance. This is real life, with all the emotion and drama you could want.


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