Love Finds You in New Orleans, Louisiana - Reviewed

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Book Blurb:
Unlocking the past could open the door to a new future. Ever since her parents died of yellow fever when she was two years old, Adelaide LeClerc has lived with her grandparents, who rarely speak of their son and his wife. They are on the verge of negotiating a contract with a suitor, a man Adelaide dreads, when they discover that she enjoys the company of Etienne Girod, a young Creole man. Adelaide's future hangs in the balance as her grandparents consider whether to stop keeping secrets and reveal the truth that they've known since before Adelaide's birth, a truth that will make the difference between a life of obligation and a life of choice for Adelaide.

My Thoughts:
New Orleans in the 1800's. Christa takes you into the Antebellum Period, and into the lives of Lottie and Gabriel. The streets of New Orleans bustle with activity, you can picture the clothing, smell the food, hear the noise. She makes it all come alive.
The romance between Lottie and Gabriel is one that you cheer for. They have so much going against them and you want them together.
This would be a great summer read! Grab a copy and tuck it in your bag.
Thanks Christa for the review copy!


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Hi Andi, thanks for the Review, I have to get this Book, it sounds so good, maybe it goes on sale sometime lol.

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