An Uncommon Grace - Reviewed

Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Blurb: Grace Connor, a military nurse formerly stationed in Afghanistan, hopes that moving to a farm in rural Ohio will help her recover from the ravages of war, and keep her teenage brother out of trouble. When Levi Troyer meets Grace, he is at his most vulnerable. His stepfather has been murdered and his mother wounded by intruders. Grace saves his mother’s life and Levi is more than thankful. However, any relationship between them is forbidden by his faith. Even before meeting Grace, Levi had begun to question some of the teachings of his ultra-conservative Amish sect. He has considered leaving, but knows he will be banned forever from having contact with his younger siblings and widowed mother—who need him to survive. Grace is struggling with trying to figure out how to live her life without the man she has grown to love. Meanwhile, a murderer must be caught. Will love and justice prevail?

 My Thoughts: Grace has a decision to make, she is up for reenlistment and not sure whether to reenlist or not so she asks God for a sign, that sign comes in the form of an email from her sister Becky who tells her that her grandmother is ill and that she needs to come home. No sooner does she arrive than the Amish family across the way who her grandmother Elizabeth is close with, suffers a break in and murder. The father is killed and wife who is pregnant is injured and the baby survives yet needs close medical care. Grace's training comes into play at the time of the incident and after. Levi has to take care of his younger siblings, and the farm; Grace comes over to help his mother Claire with the baby, and there is a strong attraction. The problem is that she is an Englischer and he is Amish. The romance tension is so real you feel it between the pages, and you want so desperately for Levi and Grace to get together! Serena has written a vivid book, so rich in detail that you don't want to miss it! This is not your average Amish story. I highly recommend it!!! Go and grab your copy today!


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