October Baby . . utterly disgusted!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I am adopted and while I applaud the film makers for wanting to promote adoption instead of abortion, I have a HUGE problem with all the lying that goes on in this film. I won't go see it and I refuse to recommend it on my blog! For "Christian" parents to lie to their daughter about how she came into the world, and the implication of a birth certificate from another state is so incredibly far fetched especially when she is adopted! I mean REALLY!!!! My birth certificate has my name Andrea Newberry which matches my parents, and it is from the same state where I was born, California, where I was born, and adopted! The knowledge I gained was from the trailer and the reviews I've read.

ADOPTION is a BEAUTIFUL gift from the birth mother to the adopting parents and I am so incredibly blessed to have the parents that I have! They raised me and my younger brother, who is also adopted, in a loving and secure home. We knew we were adopted from the beginning I have no idea when we understood what adoption meant, it was never hidden, it was out in the open. My parents gave me my adoption papers when I was 20 and I located my birth mother when I was 26, I wouldn't do it again.

When you lie to your child about this, it ruins it, and for me having such a great relationship with my parents and knowing what a gift my birth mother gave them, this movie tarnishes that beauty, and I won't endorse or recommend it!


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