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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I won this award from Melanie @

The rules are:
I am suppose to tell 7 things about myself.
and pass it on to 15 bloggers.
1. I am absolutely, positively over the head in love with my husband, Mark.

2. Being a gramma is better than anything around.

3. Bon Jovi is the best ROCKER ever!

4. Besides my husband, Jesus has my heart and soul.

5. I love old movies.

6. I love the beach.

7. Besides reading, writing is my 2nd most favorite thing to do.

I am passing this on to

1. Mary at BookHounds

2. Janna at Cornhusker Academy

3. Michelle at Healing Hearts

4. Relz at Relzreviews

5. Deena at A Peek at My Bookshelf

6. Tina at TinasBookReviews

7. Amy at My Friend Amy

8. Vanessa at Ramblings of a Texas Housewife

9. Louise at BookBagLady

10. Casey at The Bookish Type

11. Andrea at So Many Books, So Little Time

12. Molly at BookReviewsbyMolly

13. Nora at Finding Hope Through Fiction

14. Kathy at Bags, Books, & Bon Jovi

15. Kelli at I'd So Rather Be Reading


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Thanks for the are sweet...:D

Thanks for thinking of me. You made my day :o)

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