Megan's Secrets - Reviewed

Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Description:
She was a beautiful pint-sized girl with a big love. And the best scholars in the world couldn't teach what she did in her brief life. Megan died at age ten. But her life has exposed some of the insanities of the world and revealed four life-giving secrets.

One secret is simply this: Second choices don't mean we miss out on life. Sometimes our second choices define and shape us in ways we'd never change even if we could.

Lovingly written by Megan's father, this unique inspirational book wraps these four secrets in stories that will restore hope to those grieving a death or second choice, and all who have a heart for a spunky little girl whose only spoken words were, ''I'm Megan!''

All readers who long to see modern-day examples of the ''little ones'' Jesus held on his lap and loved will be inspired and moved to laugh and cry and exult in God's incredible wisdom spoken through a disabled child.

What Mike discovers is that life with Megan--who slept only three hours a night--was exhausting, challenging, even disappointing, but also filled with joy and secrets that he s ready to tell the world.

My thoughts: Mike Cope's daughter lived to the age of 10. Yet in those 10 years she taught him more about life than someone who lived to be 80. In a society who focuses on outward appearance Mike learned from his daughter the beauty of the heart. This touching father's story is one that will make you laugh, cheer, and cry. I highly recommend it!


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