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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mac's 5 yr old son was killed 17 yrs ago when a drug deal went bad. Since that time he has been angry at every black person who crosses his path, his 17 yr old son, and his wife, and anyone else that decides to annoy him. Things get worse when Mac goes to work and finds out that a younger, inexperienced police officer who just happens to be black receives the promotion and if that wasn't bad enough his commanding officer pairs the two together. So, now Mac is partnered with Sam who is not only black he is a pastor. This begins a very interesting relationship as while on patrol Sam will sing songs like Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace . . . this drives Mac crazy.
Mac's family is falling apart, his son takes off, Sam can't figure out why he's with this partner who can't stand him. Another tragedy strikes . . . Mac's 17 yr old son is shot in an accident and may not make it. During this time Sam does his best to be there for Mac, and surprisingly Mac allows it and actually begins to let down the walls he's built up.

This is what is written on the Grace Card . . .
“I promise to pray for you every day, ask your forgiveness, grant you the same, and be your friend always.”
Could you imagine what our world would be like if we lived by the Grace Card????

This is a beautiful film that tackles, race, redemption, and most of all shows how we all should be loving each other! I give this movie a 10 out of 10 and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!


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Thanks so much for your sharing the news about The Grace Card movie! The Grace Card movie just completed its second weekend in theaters, and we are so encouraged to hear how the movie continues to make a difference in the lives of people that see it.

Appreciate your support!

You are most welcome! The movie was great and I really believe this movie will make a huge difference in the lives who see it.

I saw the movie and it was wonderful and moving. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a soundtrack available.

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