The Bachelor - Brad 2nd time around

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I didn't blog about The Bachelor last week when it started, I didn't have any intentions of watching this season, as I just didn't think Brad deserved another chance after his last appearance. Then something he said on episode one gave me a new perspective. He talked about how he couldn't trust anyone in a relationship because of his dad, and how his dad wasn't there for him. I probably wouldn't have understood that a couple years ago had I not gone through a divorce and watched my own ex let my children down. I believe Brad when he says he is ready to make a commitment this time.

My favorites are Ashley, the dentist from Maine, Emily the hospital event planner from West Virginia, Melissa the waitress from Connecticut, and Jackie the artist from Rhode Island.

After last night's episode listening to Michelle say about 100+ times that it was her 30th birthday and then she receives a rose, I thought I'd loose my mind! I really don't know what Brad was thinking!

Ashley's date was cheesy but sweet! For a first date they really had a great conversation, and a magical first kiss.

Jackie got the date of all dates. She got a "pretty woman" date, she had a spa treatment, had a choice of beautiful dresses, Brad put a beautiful necklace on her, they went to eat at The Roosevelt Hotel which is known for being haunted LOL, and to top it off they were serenaded by Train! During the dance they shared a kiss. I was glad he chose Jackie for this date.

Hopefully, he will get rid of Michelle next week! He got rid of the manscaper, Rachial this week! THANK GOD!!!! I can't believe inflicting pain on men be a topic of dinner discussion or a turn on.


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