Thursday, January 7, 2010

I can bitch all I want and I don't get yelled at cuz it's mine! LOL! In the last month or so I really thought that in the Divorce care group at church, and the single's group I'd found a really good guy friend - boy was I ever wrong! SERIOUSLY wrong! I am slowly but surely finding out that in a group of divorced people that emotional pain is so incredibly strong even if it's not for you . . . that no matter what you do even if your following someone's lead it can be taken the wrong way. After 24 yrs of marriage I am so incredibly over the drama games and you'd kind of think that those who are divorced would be too, yet they're not. At least with what I've seen in the last month or so. The DRAMA is liken to h.s. or actually worse. I mean I graduated almost 26 yrs ago and the DRAMA I have been privy to recently is ridiculous! I know for a fact I didn't experience anything like it in h.s. and I hung out with the guys mainly. So for now the decision is to remove myself from the DRAMA clad group for my own emotional health. I am really sad about this because I have had fun, however, I refuse, and I mean UTTERLY refuse to be somewhere where I'm being treated like I did something wrong when I didn't.
A word to the wise, when getting involved with divorced singles, be very very careful who you be friend because while they may act, and talk like they are ok, but they may not be.


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