First Love - Tombstone Treasures Book 2 Reviewed

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Book Description: Josiah and Tara had enjoyed acting in their high school plays. They had also been each other's first lover... in fact; most of the time they'd spent together had been in Tara's bed. When Josiah became a Christian, he left Tara to go to college and didn't look back.

Four years later, Josiah is back in town when his father has a near-fatal heart attack. When they meet up again they realize how much their separation had hurt each of them. But now Tara is a Christian and is trying to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Josiah wants Tara back, but neither knows how to relate to each other without the physical intimacy they once shared. They are determined to do things right this time, but find it more challenging than they'd anticipated.

My thoughts: How do two people who have already given themselves to each other, have become Christians, come back together, and not have the physical intimacy rule their relationship. That is the MILLION dollar question. For Josiah and Tara it is not an easy task. Knowing each other this way, it becomes nearly impossible to do, and they fall into the same patterns that they did before, what keeps them is the saving grace of Christ. It isn't until a tragedy that they find that the physical intimacy isn't the ALL gratifying! This is an absolutely beautiful book of grace, and healing for those who have stepped out and have experienced physical intimacy prior to marriage. God intended it for marriage, yet there is healing and He is the healer! I highly recommend this book!


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Thanks for the insightful review, Andi! I am glad you enjoyed the book.

It is my pleasure Michelle!

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