ALI'S TURN WEEK 4 - Ali gets sick, a guy sneaks off, and singing to make you go HMMMM

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kasey gets a one on one with Ali and he just blows it. He sings on the helicopter ride, sings while their at the park and Ali's eyes get as big as saucers and you can tell she's not into it, and because she doesn't give him the rose, yet wants to keep him around so she doesn't send him home; but he looses it because she doesn't give him THE ROSE on the one on one. He sneaks off to go and get a tattoo of a heart with a shield and a rose to show Ali that he is protecting her heart. Then he doesn't even have the balls to tell her he did it! And where did he get the money, how did he know where a tattoo shop was in NY, seems a little planned to me. Talk about a whack job!

Then there is Frank who with whatever is going on he seems to have a mental break down - he can't handle Ali being with anyone else. He constantly needs reassurance that everything is COOL, talk about a baby and a whinner.

Kirk was so sweet to Ali, here she was sick and they had just been at the opening of The Lion King where her and Roberto had performed and she was whiped and he gentley said to her that she needed to go to bed and get some rest and he took her to bed and sang her a lullabye it was so sweet! He is definitely a KEEPER!


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I loved how the guy from last week walks all the way to her house and he gets booed at by the guys. I find it super hot/sweet, but I guess he didn't "follow" the rules.

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