Ali Week 5 - In Iceland and a Bachelor update

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well, Kasey freaked out over the double date with Justin - showed Ali the tattoo and was sent home, literally LEFT on the top of a mountain while Justin and Ali left. It was clear that he was to nutty to be there. I still have NO idea what is up with his garbled talking. He never explained it.

Kirk and Ali had a wonderful 1 on 1 date! He opened up to her about a huge part of his life. She really likes him and he is becoming a quick favorite!

The previews for next week don't look promising and it is my guess that Frank really lets her down which is what I kind of suspected all a long.

For those of you who watched Prince Lorezo's season you may recognize lil miss Erica here. She is now on a show on VH1 called CUT OFF! It is for pampered Princesses whose family members are tired of their spending habits and have cut off their financial support and sent them to a life coach for re-learning. Well little miss Erica is still the lil trouble maker she was on the Bachelor.

And of course we all knew this couple wouldn't make it down the aisle! Yes, Jake and Vienna are no more! Aren't we all just heartbroken!

Well there is your weekly update on all things Bachelorette / Bachelor!


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