The Bachelorette ~ Ali gets Her Turn

Monday, May 24, 2010

So tonight began Ali's quest to find true love. I must say she has slim pickins. Out of the guys she kept here are my faves.

This is Jesse, and he is a General Contractor from Missouri

This is Roberto, he is an Insurance Agent from S.C. and what I really liked about him was when he asked for alone time with her he was a gentleman, he talked to her in spanish, talked about his parents long marriage, and then taught her how to Salsa dance. It was super sweet and romantic.

Justin is an entertainment wrestler from Canada, and I like him because the "guys" don't! They think he's there to promote his career and it is so stupid! He's not like Wes in the fact that his career is up and going so they really showed their immaturity and jealousy!

It amazes me at how men can be such drama queens! I swear! Stay tuned for weekly updates!


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