Sunday, April 18, 2010

About book:
The blockbuster Twilight Saga is being read by teenager and adult alike. These powerful novels are getting even more popular as the movies hit the theaters. Crisply written and with a gracious spirit, The Twilight Gospel will help teens, their parents, and their pastors discern what is good from what is unhealthy in the novels and equip them to be biblically literate readers.

From the back cover:
With these powerful novels getting even more popular as the movies hit the cinemas, the call for a Christian response is strong. What values and ideas do Meyer's novels promote? What is good about them, and what deserves closer inspection?

The spirituality and worldview of the Twilight Saga are fascinating, but they do not sit easily with orthodox Christianity. This book carefully and graciously assesses what is praiseworthy and what is less so. It helps the reader to think more clearly about issues to do with occult spirits, life after death, myths and legends, sexuality, personal spiritual power, the culture of glamour and the lure of materialism. All these subjects are woven into the fabric of the Twilight Saga.

The central point of the book is to help teens (and their parents) discern what is excellent from what is unhealthy, helping to create robust, shrewd, and literate young adults.

'Millions of young minds are being shaped by the Twilight Saga. Dave Roberts offers valuable cultural and biblical insights - neither reactionary nor reticent - for anyone seeking to separate the good, the bad and the ugly in these powerful books.'
-Pete Greig, author of Red Moon Rising, God on Mute and Punk Monk.

About the Author:
Dave Roberts is the author of the best-selling The Toronto Blessing and Red Moon Rising with joint sales in excess of 100,000. He is a former editor of Christianity and won awards for his work on Renewal magazine. He is a local church pastor and conference director for three major annual conferences on worship, children's ministry, and women's ministry.

My Review:
I was really disappointed in this book. I agreed to read and review it because in reading the book description I thought it would be a Christian perspective on the Twilight books that wouldn't bash them. I was sadly mistaken. For all of Mr. Roberts research he does not understand the concept of Twilight, and he makes things out of Twilight that is not there. For example . . . Alice being materialistic, and Bella wanting to being perfect that is why she wants to be a vampire and be with Edward. That is not the truth at all! She wants to be a vampire because she does not to live without him and as a human she knows she will die. He also went as far as to compare the Twilight books to Jasmine from Disney. SERIOUSLY!!!! Here is my biggest problem with all of this. When do we take imagination away from our kids? I hope NEVER! God gave us our imagination, heck He had quite a vivid one, just take a look at our creation! I don't recommend this book! I think it makes a huge mountain out of a tiny little mole hill called Twilight.


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Nice post...there was a lot of this talk with Harry Potter. Imagination is a spiritual gift in my book!

Thanks! On the Harry Potter note, if you have listened to or read anything about J.K. Rowling since she wrote the final Harry Potter book she has said that writing those books were her way to deal with her mother's death and work through her own faith. It is said in Philippians 2:12 that we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and that is exactly what J.K. Rowling did. I do not believe that imagination is a spiritual gift because then it would only be given at the time of salvation. I believe we are all born with an imagination. Thanks for your comment.

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