The Bachelor - FINAL ROSE

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am seriously at a loss! Jake is hott, there is no doubt about that, however he has stuffing for brains! I really thought that ABC did a good job of picking him to be the bachelor for this season, especially after he came back on Jillian's to tell her about Wes being a player, only on the show for exposure etc. Yet when the girls were warning him about Vienna he wouldn't listen. In fact he just got defensive about it.

The first date was with Tenley meeting his family and they all fell in love with her. She wasn't my pick, however out of the 2 left she was the better of the two. It was clear that she would fit into their family perfectly! The one concern that Jake's Mom had was the daughter in laws getting along, since the women as she put it hold the family together. She asked Tenley how she handled conflict and Tenley told her about her divorce. I was like, EGADS!!!!! Do we have to hear about this again!!!!! The evening ended great Tenley and Jake had a great night however, Jake kept saying there wasn't a "physical" spark between them. Tenley couldn't figure it out, however, I knew what he was talking about, he didn't have a hard on with her like he did when he was with Vienna. It really annoyed me! I was like SERIOUSLY!!!! Tenley already told you that a physical relationship would be left for marriage and you said you respected that about her. Jake was so contradictory in his words and behavior.

Prior to Vienna meeting his family he mentioned that Vienna had some issues with the other girls, or something like that, I can't remember the exact wording. His Mom caught on right away and asked "is this the girl that didn't get along with the other girls in the house?" Jake got defensive and said yes. She went on to say that "Jake, there is usually something to that." Mom's know best. He was frustrated that he had painted a poor picture of Vienna, and when Vienna showed up she was true to form. She didn't have anything positive to say, she was poking at Jake, it was really an uncomfortable situation to watch. Then when each of the family members took her aside all was forgotten. Vienna was the girl to love! They all felt bad for even having a bad impression of her! It was so scripted it made your stomach turn.

The last few days in St. Lucia were picture perfect and beautiful. Jake had great dates with both Tenley and Vienna. The dates were strange though, Vienna being the last to see Jake was the first to be with him. They went to a sulfur spring and had a mud bath. Vienna wasn't too happy about it but she played along. Soaping Jake up in mud - and then rinsing off in a waterfall. Tenley and Jake went snorkling in the crystal clear water, and it was definitely more romantic. Vienna ended her date by giving Jake the ring her dad gave her along with a note. Tenley ended hers by giving Jake a shadow box of photos that included their fortunes from San Fran. I thought Tenley's was more meaningful than Vienna's.

The show gave the impression that Jake was going to 1. Choose Tenley or 2. Choose neither based on the show last night or the previews. When Tenley came in first I knew it was all over.

He will be the sorriest man alive for choosing Vienna! The girls were right! He was a prize to be WON she has no interest in being a wife and a mother. Now that he is on DWTS just wait . . . she's not going to like the fact that he is dancing with SEXY half dressed Chelsie Hightower. Just picture the next 10 yrs if they make it to the altar. She was insecure around the other girls, didn't have any friends in the house, so when it comes to company Christmas parties, etc. what is going to happen??? He will talk to a pretty flight attendant or another woman and she'll flip! His Mother's concern was right . . . with regards to the sister- in - laws getting along. It's just going to take one disagreement or conflict of interest and the TRUE Vienna that we all saw will come out and he'll be in the middle between his family and his wife.

When women DON'T have other women friends that is a huge RED flag! Some women do prefer to hang with guys, yet they should be able to make women friends. Vienna just doesn't have the ability to do it because her focus is all about herself, and no one else. I love on After The Final Rose how Jake continued to come to her defense about the stuff being written about her. Well, you can tell the boobs are fake, and she has extentions so . . . you know that those weren't lies. It's quite clear that he doesn't want to look at the truth about her.

They both deserve each other!!! Two fakes and flakes!


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