The Bachelor On The Wings Of Love Wk 7

Monday, February 15, 2010

still wounded
in love with Ali and wont admit it!

The perfect girl for Jake!!!!!

I really am at a loss for tonight. The 3 remaining women are in the Cayman Islands with Jake. If you've watched the bachelor before when it gets to this point you know that there will be the fantasy" suite card from Chris etc etc . . . what I find funny is that none of the girls should be surprised yet they all act surprised, esp. since they all have watched the show before - so they say. :-)

Gia and Jake have the first date just having fun on the beach, swimming in the water. They also went into the city enjoying the culture and Jake bought Gia a very pretty necklace. I think the most romantic part was them swinging in the hammock while the waves came in underneath them. At dinner the fantasy suite card came out and they did choose to spend the night together.
Tenley and Jake - I didn't really pay much attention to their date. . . I am so over hearing about her ex husband! What I did notice was at dinner when the fantasy suite card was presented she told him that she has never spent a night alone with any other man besides her ex husband; he was honored by that. He knew that she trusted him and felt safe with him.

Just before Jake is to go out with Vienna his phone rings . . . from the previews we all know it is Ali . . . she is a mess and she realizes that she made the worst mistake ever by leaving. When he answers you can just see in his face that he missed her. It is taking everything he can by not saying to her to get on a plane and get here! He chooses not to say that to her, and he also tells her that while he will always care about her he has fallen more in love with the 3 women he has left. By just looking at him you can see it is a lie. He ends the phone call, looks out the window and you could just see that what he said was not how he felt.

Vienna and Jake - This was just utterly painful to watch. They go to an old pirate ship and she puts a black eye patch over his eye. She's being completely "childish"; she tells him he has to talk with it on. They practically make out all over the ship, and what made me sick was hearing On The Wings Of Love being played. It was like all the rumors about him choosing Vienna are true and the show isn't even over yet. They go to dinner, and at dinner Jake asks her about what kind of ring she likes, and then it goes into even the type of metal. I was like SERIOUSLY!!!!! They of course choose to stay in the fantasy suite, and of course Vienna was nothing short of a hoochie! Coming out in lingerie! This wasn't honeymoon suite this was a fantasy suite . . . yet for Vienna she has something to WIN - to make sure Gia, and Tenley do not get Jake. It's not like she cares about Jake or really wants to be married. She just wants to make sure no one else gets him. She got rid of Ali, and Gia tonight.

Here is what I predict will happen if the rumor is true that he chooses Vienna in the end. They will not WORK. I do not care how you SLICE, DICE, OR CUT it . . . they will not make it. He will wise up and dump the immature lil girl and go and get Ali. He will see that Tenley is not ready for a relationship because she is not over her ex, and has not healed . . . and he will see that Vienna was after one thing and one thing only and that is . . . WINNING - it was never in her plan to be Jake's wife. I say this because Jake is a hottie, and she is someone who when he's on a flight that has him gone for 2-3 days - she will be wondering . . . is he with a flight attendant . . . or a passenger . . . she has already shown that she has insecurity issues.
I am really disappointed with this season. I really thought that with Jake after what happened with Jillian he would have made smarter choices. He saw what a player Wes was and to not believe that a female could be the same way is just stupid on his part.


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I swore off it this season, but when it got down to the home visits, I watched one night, and of course, got hooked. Although I snicker and make fun of all those involved, I cannot believe that any of the "ladies" would make a good wife for Jake, nor that he would make a good husband for anyone!

Andi, I'm with you 100% about Vienna. I said I wasn't going to watch this show again, but got caught up in it as usual. I mean really, what are the chances of a loving, committed relationship coming out of this series?! But the bottom line is that I can't stand Vienna.

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