Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last night was the home town dates and boy was it full emotion and drama.

We start out with Jake going to Gia's home in Jersey. Gia has a day planned where they will go on a boat to the city. While on the boat they have fun taking pictures together goofing around and even kissing. It was cute. Instead of Gia's mom preparing dinner they go to a restaurant, which I thought was very impersonal and cheesy. In previous bachelor / bachelorette home town dates the parents even bachelor / bachelorette has prepared dinner for whomever so I was not impressed. Then Gia's mom goes into this entire scpeal about Jake needing to take care of Gia, her needing to know where she is, blah, blah, blah! She even gets out taro cards and does a reading. I couldn't wait for the date to end!

That takes us to Tenley! GOOD GRIEF! Here we have SKIP TO MY LOU, I'm not over my EX can we BARF NOW! Last week I actually thought Tenley might be getting better. Last night prooved that she isn't ready to be with anyone. I mean her silly little dance was ridiculous and she kept saying that her EX didn't appreciate this part of her . . . made me want to go through the t.v. and say HELLO JAKE ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION HERE?????? Her parents didn't help either because they were of course going on about how they hadn't seen her so vibrant in months. Well of course parents are going to say that. I mean seriously!

Moving on to Ali . . . who met him in her home town of Massachusettes where she grew up. As with Ali and Jake while their dates have been fun there has been a something meaningful about them. The same was true on this date. Ali's gramma passed away and when she was home the last time she was attending her funeral. She took Jake to her gramma's home and made him apart of it. She told Jake that her gramma would be smiling down on them giving them her blessing. The dinner with her family was what I would say would be a "typical" family dinner. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary.

Next we go to Sanford, FL which is in my neck of the woods. I'm familiar with the area. Vienna is just so OVER THE TOP about every thing! They go out on the river in a boat and she's half dressed and she's not even attractive. They don't talk about anything really. They get back to her parents house and what is dinner . . . outside???? SERIOUSLY????? I couldn't believe it! Her father takes Jake to his garage and tells him that he expects his daughter to be treated like a princess by any man she marries. I'm like WHAT?!? No this is my baby, and she needs to be protected, cared for, if you hurt her I'll kill ya . . . none of that, or even asking what his belief system is, the holidays, kids, etc. Nope, treat her like a princess. It was clear to me that all Vienna and her daddy were looking for is a SUGAR DADDY! Vienna is not ready to be in a committed relationship she has no idea what it takes to do it. She just wants to Win! Which is what was said at dinner with her family. Why the girls hate her, is because she goes after what she wants and usually gets it without any concern for others feelings . . . she doesn't care about anything but the prize, and in this case it's not an item - this is a person who has feelings and I'm afraid he isn't prepared for Vienna.

We return from the home town dates and are back in San Fran. Ali shows up on Jake's doorstep in tears. Sadly she wanted him to tell her what to do, and he didn't. She was broken hearted about the fact that her job, which is an advertizing accountant for FACEBOOK, wanted her to return to work or she would loose her job. She needed to decide whether to stay and take a chance on whether or not he'd choose her at the end or go back to her job which is she knows is a guarantee. She walked out of Jake's hotel room and literally collapsed on the hallway floor in tears. You knew she didn't want to leave and she wanted him to tell her to stay. In a way he did, by saying that we really have a good thing going here and I want to see where it goes. One thing men do not understand about women is that when we ask you what to do . . . we really want you to tell us what to do . . . especially in a situation like this. Just before the rose ceremony Ali had Chris take her to Jake and she spent 20 minutes talking to Jake about it. She was a complete mess. She told Jake she loved him and that she didn't want to leave. Jake told her that she wasn't on the line tonight and that he wanted her to stay. She sadly tearfully said good-bye.

I just don't see any of the three that are left as a good match for him. He and Ali seemed to be such a perfect fit and he even said as much. I just don't know. I am very sad for him. He got very hurt with Jillian who herself was a complete idiot, I mean seriously . . . not that I would want him with her, I just couldn't believe she chose ED over Jake!

I am encouraged that Ali calls next week. What will that mean for them. Will there be a chance for them . . . will the girl who was on the line go home? All we can do is hope.

I do have a little bit of trivia however. Check out who has and who hasn't married out of all of the seasons of the Bachelor / Bachelorette. Pretty interesting!


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I agree with you, Andi! Ali was the most normal woman of the four, and she walked away. I was kind of disappointed in how she handled the situation, but I probably wouldn't have done much better. I didn't know Ali worked for Facebook...that makes me skeptical of them forcing her to go back to work or get axed...hmmm. Maybe this is just another Ed stunt? The other girls are mostly nice, but I question how ready they are for a serious relationship. Some of them have young and clingy tendencies. Hopefully, Jake will pick the right woman for him. And if he has a younger brother, I'd love to meet him. ;-)

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